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Project Description
A small XNA game in the Worms Style. It runs on the Zune, Windows, and Xbox with a few tweaks. The code is still in for per-pixel collision and deformable terrain however the current version does not use that code because of Zune performance problems.

See Releases page for the latest update

The Title Screen, Player Selection and Weapon selection Menu


Some in-game shots


Controls for the game are simple

In any Menu

  1. Press in and Up or In and Down to change which option you have selected
  2. Press in on the D-Pad to select your current optoin

In the Weapon Selection Menu

  1. same as any other Menu
  2. Press Play/Pause to exit it without any changes

In the Game (Not in shooting mode)

  1. Push left or right on the D-Pad to move your unit to the left or right
  2. Push In on the center of the D-Pad to deploy your weapon (Your not in Shooting Mode)
  3. Push the Play/Pause button to get the weapon selection menu
  4. Press Back to end your turn, Hold Back to quit

In the Game (In Shooting Mode)

  1. Push Up/Down on the D-pad to adjust hte angle of your shot
  2. Press In on the D-Pad (HOLD IT)
  3. When you release the D-Pad you will shot with a power = the time you held the D-Pad in
  4. Press play/pause to cancel shooting (in case your facing the wrong direction)

Thats it ! Enjoy :)

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